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sample sentence In the typography industry, each typeface, or font family, comprises one or more fonts.  Each font in a font family is composed of glyphs that share common design features.  (In a typography context, a glyph is a graphic symbol that forms the appearance of a specific character).  Each font within a typeface is designed by a specific designer or foundry and has its own condensation, italicization, and ornamentation parameters as well as specific slant, style, weight, and width characteristics.

On the World Wide Web, a limited set of fonts — including Arial, Courier, Georgia, Times New Roman, and Verdana — is available to virtually all web browsers.

metal type fonts This list of twenty-seven popular fonts includes links to font sample pages.  Each font sample page illustrates a specific font family, in multiple font sizes, in both normal and bold font weights.  Every letter of the alphabet is included in the illustrative sentence.  Note that some of these fonts are unavailable on certain computing devices; web browsers will typically replace an unavailable font with a similar, available font.

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